Decision support

This work group will complete the development of the integrated modelling system through validation and performance evaluation. The group is responsible for the development of test scenarios and the management of test runs and debugging. At the conclusion, a first operational version of the system will be completed.

Leader: Geir M. Skeie, Akvaplan-niva


This group is responsible for the upgrading of a fish larvae and egg model and a zooplankton model to allow coupling of ecotoxicology routines to these ecological models in preparation for connection of the models to the system framework. As one way to evaluate uncertainty and sensitivity, a Bayesian probability network is being developed.

Leader: Bjarte Bogstad, Institute of Marine Research


This group is responsible for developing ecotoxicological routines to evaluate the effects of oil on fish egg and larvae and zooplankton. New algorithms are developed to mechanistically predict toxic effects on individuals. Different algorithms are being developed to handle both data rich and data poor situations.

Leader: Chris Klok, IMARES

Model integration

This group is responsible for adapting the selected models to the system framework. Tasks include construction of coupling algorithms linking models to the system framework, harmonization of temporal and spatial resolution between models, parallelization of computer code, and the transfer of each model to the supercomputer for attachment to the system framework.

Leader: Raymond Nepstad, SINTEF

System Framework

The group is responsible for the design and development of the system framework (hierarchical data structure) on the supercomputer. This includes construction of the command and control driver program with specifications for linking different models to the system and establishment of a software development management system.

Leader: Jonas Juselius, University of Tromsø